My Three Favorite Things

Topics: Food, Cooking, Nutrition Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: March 28, 2012
My three favorite things are Cooking, Cleaning, and Shopping because they revolve in my everyday life and my job without them i will not be able to function well. Cooking is one of my favorite things . I love cooking new dishes ; I also like having new techniques an ideas in the kitchen . I have always been a fanatic of cooking shows since i was small it has bought my attention. On Holidays i tend to cook alot of diffrent dishes . My baked Homemade pies i make off stratch and my famous three cheese Bakezitti brings the entire family over . So I'm able to share with my family and friends when they come over . Im also use to cooking big quanities meals . So everyone gets to eat at my place and take home . Cooking a meal is healthier when compared to eating fast food and will keep your body full much longer. Besides the preparing meals instead of being lazy and eating fast food all of the time, meals can bring families together which is needed in today’s society. Not many people are takie time out to cook or leran hoe to cook. My mother and I cooked all of the time; it’s really easy to “whip up a meal” as my grandmother would say. While cooking my grandmother and I would have what we call “bonding time”. Cleaning is also one of my favorite things to do . I was tought at a young age to always have all my things cleaned and well organised . I benefit from it always when i go get something been that i have everything in place i dont spend much time looking , everything is always right at my reach . Also you never know when you will have an unexpected visit show up and find any mess so i always be on the save side and have my house spick n span ; In my house was always cleaned and organized. I'm constanly cleaning and adjusting my apartment and at my job . I also purchase diffrent distenfecting products i have a whole closet full of cleaning products for the bathroom , kitchen, and dishes you name it i have it .My spouse always tells me i have a...
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