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The 168 Bookstore and Novelty Shop established on May 01,2011 at 168 Building,Plaza Burgos,Guagua Pampanga. But the company celebrates its anniversary every February for it to participate at the celebrationof the 168 building itself. The company was owned by Mr.Cristine Pring and it was developed for supplying andgiving needs of students such as books and equipments. At first the company started selling books and references and as time was adding,their supplies were also increasing, and aiming for much more successes in the futur. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM:

General Problem:

The general problem of the company is that it cannot update their stocks and inventories in a faster way without splitting their time in checking of the inventories and assisting their costumers. With this problem they tend to miss of updating stocks when costumers needed and making the company buy items on other company that sells for a higher prices.Another problem is having a separate sales and inventory ledgers which leads to late update of the inventory.

Specific Problem:

How can the proposed system help the company check their sales and inventories in a short period of time? •How can the proposed system help the company check or know if they still have stocks of every item? •How can the proposed system help the company to update their sales and inventory in a short period of time? •How can the proposed system help the company calculate the total price of the costumers for a short period of time? •How can the proposed system help the company trace/track the right prize of sales for them to have no problem at their inventory. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY:

General Objective:

To be able to help the 168 Bookstore and Novelty Shop track its sales and inventories using faster and in technological way. Busting the company employees job for a short quantity of time.

Specific Objective:

The proposed system...
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