My Theory of Personality Capstone Dq

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  • Published : February 6, 2012
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Capstone DQ – Theories of Personality
My Theory of Personality.
After careful consideration and examination into all of the different theories of personality from our text, if I were to develop my own theory of personality it would be constructed after the following principles. I believe that personality is developed from several different factors. Our genetics plays a part in our personality because certain ideas and beliefs can be passed down from our family genetics however; I believe that this is the less influential part. Our environment plays a bigger role in personality because depending on who or what we are around will determine what standards we set for our self. If I am raised with the environment that is violent and chaotic, then I am going to be raised with the belief that this type of behavior is acceptable and will mimic what I am taught. The same goes if I am raised in a caring and loving environment then I will mimic those behaviors and my personality will reflect that as well. With environment playing a factor in our personality it also means that my consequence to my behavior will be pleasurable or painful therefore, I will react and act accordingly to avoid pain and promote pleasure. Another major factor in developing our personality is our experiences in life. The theorist that I agree with the most in this is Albert Bandura and his social – learning theory. This theory is based upon self-efficiency which is described as how we decide to believe in what we are trying to accomplish and our ability to do so. Self-Efficiency is broken down into four aspects; Performance accomplishments which is based on our past and what we have achieved or failed at, Vicarious experience living through other people’s experience and accomplishments and basing that as what you can accomplish, Verbal persuasion is listening to others and how they think you will do, if they think you will fail then automatically thinking you will fail and Emotional arousal this...
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