My Teacher, My Hero

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“There goes my hero, watch him as he go”. Foo Fighters’ song My Hero keep playing in my head as Madam Alindayu talks about the preparation for the Teachers’ Day with the theme MY TEACHER, MY HERO that is celebrated by the whole world. Of course, as a student, this is the right time to give thanks to our beloved teachers who brought us to where we are now.

“Grabe, sobrang terror ni Sir! Lalo na yung si Madam sa isang subject ko! Hay!” phrase that somehow bugs me out knowing that teachers only do their jobs to help their students. They are there to guide us on our studies and not to mislead us to the wrong path. No teacher wanted her/his student to be in the wrong direction, right? That’s why we are celebrating teachers’ day to commemorate how patient they are in teaching the knowledge they have that we students need inside and outside the school. Let us give time to our dear teachers to relax once and make them feel how special they are as a mentor.

Our teachers are our second parents. They are the ones who will look on our performance outside our homes. They will be the one who will teach how to respect others and how that others will respect you. They give us the wisdom to think how we are going to face the reality after studies. Teachers will lend their ears to hear what you want to say. They will lend you their spare time to talk about the problems you have. That’s why they are compared to a hero. A hero that will always be there whenever you need help.

Sometimes, teachers also need our help. They also get tired to those who do not follow what they want for the good of their students. There are times that we also need to give teachers space to think of what they need to do to make their students feel like there’s no place like a classroom that has a brilliant teacher.

Can we imagine how good or how hard being a teacher that encounters different faces, attitudes every day? It’s like they have the power to handle such big number of students. That’s...
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