My Sweet Sweet 16

Topics: Sleep, Bulletin board system, Cream Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: October 7, 2010
Birthdays come and go, however, Sweet sixteen seems to have a more significant meaning then just another year older. It is the age where one truly becomes mature. This theory was never actually proven. I myself never believed it to be true. Up until now, I finally realize how my sweet sixteenth birthday was not just the most memorable, but also the most significant.

Waking up to the sound of my alarm clock, it is 9am on a Saturday. Ring! Ring! Ring! The phone begins to irritate. Still half asleep I answered. It was my best friend on the other line, inviting me to the mall with her and another friend. Soon she arrived at my door, picked me up and drove over to another friend’s house. “Go inside and tell Joyce to hurry up,” was all I was told. Walking through the door, with cameras on every corner, snapping endless pictures was all I can remember. “Surprise!” everyone shouted. Slowly it came to me; it was the weekend before my sixteenth birthday. Speechless, I stood there not knowing what to say. The crowd rushed over and pulled me down. Next thing that I can remember was that I was buried in Cake and whip cream. Obviously, I was creamed.

The party ended soon after, however, I came home with the most heart-warming experience I can remember. I didn’t know what better to do then to go online to a BBS. A BBS is a Bulletin Board System. A system I tend to go on when I have nothing better to do, because everyone on that board treats each other like family. Unexpected, there was a new member online as I logged on. He introduces himself as Mark. Mark and I talked for a short period of time until I had to leave. Our conversation was going so smoothly that I didn’t really want to leave, so he gave me his number to keep in touch. Conversations with Mark that followed would always be interesting, which brought us closer together. Although I must admit, I hated him to begin with. For he looked down on me upon going to a public school. Still, there was definitely something...
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