My Sweet Home

A home is different from a house. A house is only a building while a home is a building full of love and care.

Every person treasures a place of his own, a place where beautiful memories are embedded. Or it can be some area where an individual feels at ease. As for myself, there can be no place like this other than my home.

I love my home. I feel safe, I am comfortable and I am loved. A home can't be a home without our parents and our loved ones. But sad to say, some are experiencing that eventhough their loved ones are in their houses, they are not loving each other. There is a big war. You can't call it a home.

When I was young, I remembered I was about to stumble in the stairs in our old house.I was alone for that moment. When my yaya was about to save me, she suddenly stopped. I have no idea what had happened next, but I am sure I did not fall.

I enjoy asking my Mom about me being a baby. That is where I found out why my yaya stopped running towards me. She said when I was about to fall, a white thing suddenly appeared and wrapped me up to prevent me from falling. My Mom believed that it is the spirit of love in our home. I realized that I am blessed to have a loving family that turns out to have a lovely home.

There are times when I am away from home. I am so homesick. I can't even do my bathroom routine. I just cant. I want my own throne. Funny, but true. If there is no choice, I need a lot of tissue and I mean a LOT. Even at night, it is hard for me to sleep. But, because of my pillow, just sniffing it will make me feel I am in my own smelly bed. The smell of my dog, Trixie.

My home, it's a place of comfort, somewhere I look forward to going to. Although some of us may not have created it in the structural matter, we created the atmosphere and warmth to ones personal liking. My home is much more than a physical place, it makes me feel good. My home is my dwelling place.

So get your own home! Kidding. Love, care, trust,...
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