My Superbowl Sunday

Topics: Super Bowl XLII, Intoxication Pages: 4 (1543 words) Published: March 6, 2012
My Favorite Superbowl Sunday

The day had finally come. No it wasn't Christmas or the New Year, Kwanza or even Easter. It was the the most glorious day of all days, the Superbowl. Now for anyone who has never heard of the Superbowl and lives in America, that person has either lived in a cave for their whole life or…well that I think would be safe to say that's probably the only case because everyone knows what the Superbowl is. Anyway, this Superbowl Sunday started off just a little bit different than most Superbowl's I've had off from work and for any of this day to make any sense for anyone that wasn't there, I'm going to have to start by including some background information on the previous events that led up to this day.

Our adventure had started that Superbowl weekend on Friday. We had decided to take a trip up to the mountains to party with some friends and to snowboard while making sure to make it back that coming Sunday for the game. We had decided to stay with a friend of mine who was staying with friends of his from Maryland. He had previously told me on the phone that there were around 15 or so guys and around four girls so I already knew what kind of college shenanigans we were headed for. After a surprisingly short drive up from Denver (where it was getting pounded with snow) we had finally arrived. From the very first minute we stepped up the stoop we were immediately presented with a bottle of cheap vodka. "Drink up bitches!" screams one of the clearly intoxicated fellows that we were staying with . Pressured by his eagerness to see me take a swig I pulled the bottle up to my mouth and chugged. I gagged a little and with my eyes full of tears murmured "mmm delicious", and from that point on the night became extremely hazy.

The next thing I remember I was being awakened to the horrendous sound of Lady Gaga, or something along the lines of terrible music. As my eyes struggled to adjust to the bright florescent light beaming from the kitchen...
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