My Super Hero Essay

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Rees Boyle
Scott murphy was a young boy who started out life in a different world. In his world anything was possible. The people there were far more brilliant and intelligent, and as for technology they were light years ahead. He was just one of the millions of superheroes, and from his planet the ability to fly or shoot lasers from your eyes was common. Some people from this planet had one power and others had many. Very rarely, about one in every ten million, a baby with no powers was born. If this happened, they would ship the person to earth where he or she would live a normal life and no one would ever be able to tell. Every child from this planet would get their powers or showed signs of them anywhere from the ages of one to three.

Scott’s parents were ecstatic at the site of him, but as time went on he was approaching his third birthday with still no sign of a power. His parents were concerned. Just two days before his third birthday and word had already spread to the king that there had been a baby with no powers. The parents knew what would happen and that they would never be able to see their child again. They had thought about running away but they knew the Seekers would find them. So on the night of his birthday the guards came to pick Scott up. His parents said their goodbyes and the guards left. They set the baby in a special space travelling capsule with enough food and water to last him two and a half weeks. In the capsule was a robotic care taker that cared for Scott, the trip from Astatine 61B to earth was about two weeks.

The capsule was programed to land in a specific area. They programed the capsule to land near a foster care where he would grow up as an earthly child and live a normal life. Everything was going great, but in the last hours of his flight there was a meteor shower and one of the meteors collided with his ship causing him to go off course and land in an unknown area. Once he broke atmosphere the seemingly smooth ride...
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