My Super Hero

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My Superhero
If I were a superhero, I would want to be like super woman. She can do almost anything she wants. I could fly, shoot laser beams through my eyes, have super strength, invisibility, and have super speed. My name would be The Bullet. [ (Your Super Hero Name) ]

If I were a superhero, my powers would be flying, strength, laser eyes, invisibility, super strength, and super speed because then I could get places faster, be stronger, melt things with my eyes, and secretly be places without anyone else knowing. [ (Superpowers) ]

If I were a superhero, I would be able to do almost anything I wanted without anybody having a say in it. I could cook my own meals with my laser beam eyes. I could save loads of money on gas by flying or running everywhere. I would also be super fit due to running or flying everywhere. Along with having super strength I would be able to also be a hero to anyone that needed help lifting things, or getting their kittens out of the tree, or any need anyone needed I could help them.

If I was a superhero and my name was The Bullet, my outfit would be jeans and a t-shirt, because they are super comfortable and are casual. [ (Glamour Magazine) ] My t-shirt would be pink because my favorite color is pink. And my shoes would be running tennis shoes because they are my favorite to wear and most comfortable.

If I was a superhero and my name was The Bullet, I would look casual to not stand out so badly in a crowd. My superpowers would include flying, strength, laser eye beams, invisibility, super speed, and super strength.

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