My Summer Vacation House

Topics: Rooms, Bedroom, Room Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: September 23, 2010
My three-hundred acre summerhouse, in Osceola Missouri, has many aspects to it. It is a huge property in a small-populated town. My favorite parts include the bedrooms, kitchen, game room, and backyard.

Like any other house, my summerhouse has bedrooms. The biggest room is the master bedroom. It has a huge black painted wooden king-sized bed with a comfortable therapeutic mattress. It also has a huge bathroom. In the bathroom, is a large jet bathtub and a large shower. The best part of the room is the huge walk in closet. Tons of clothes and shoes fill this closet. The second room is the kid’s bedroom. This room is full of toys such as cars, dolls, and various board games. TV is the most prized possession in the kids room. This is where the younger children watch cartoons, movies, and play video games. The cutest part of the room is the bathroom where everything is miniature. The toilets, sinks, and mirrors are tiny. The last room is the guest room. It has a dark brown wooden queen-sized bed in it. Three huge windows in the room have a beautiful view of the pond. This room also has a huge flat screen TV with cable and a DVD player for the guests to watch. These cozy rooms make me feel at home.

The kitchen is the heart of the whole house. This is where we all gather for meals and discuss what we did that day. The fridges are always stocked with food so that we never go hungry. There are many compartments to these fridges. They include meats, fruits, vegetables, drinks, and sweets. In the corner of the kitchen is the table. The table is large and seats ten people. On the table is a patterned tablecloth that matches the seat cushions. On the other side of the kitchen is the sink. The sink is very deep, which allows us to put all of our dirty dishes in it. After every meal, the whole family makes an assembly line and helps wash all of the dishes. The kitchen is where most of our family time is spent.

Behind the kitchen, is the game room. In the game room is a...
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