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My Summer Vacation

By | April 2010
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My Summer Vacations

Every child in the world wishes to spend most of the time playing, eating chocolates & ice-cream and visiting the most exotic places of the world. Their dream is being full filled in their summer vacations.

In these summers my parents planed to take me along with my younger brother to our Nanny’s home that is situated in a small village near Goa. We considered it as a great plan as we have heard a lot about the wonderful beaches of Goa and its lovely sunrise & sunset.

So the next day when school get closed. We packed our bags & marched to Anduge village for our summer vacations. Our nanny was very excited about us as we were visiting her after such a long time. Our nanny lives with our elder uncle and his two twin children, Raj and Aryan. They also have a small puppy of Alsatian bread.

The village is a small beautiful place situated on the outskirts of Goa. Most of the population of the village is Christen and visits the nearby church placed near our Nanny’s home. We used to hear church bells every morning. We also visited the church and prayed there for our good wealth.

There is a famous coffee shop in the village where from very far people come and enjoy the taste of coffee. However the people of the village used to drink the coconut water and wine as a daily beverage.

One day my uncle’s friend came along with her daughter named Breta to leave her at our home as he was going out of town for some important research. Breta is a pretty girl with curly hair and blue eyes. So now we were five children to enjoy our summer vacations.

Although we had a plan to go to Goa and enjoy the whole day but our parents didn’t allowed us to go alone without them. So we planned to go to boating to the near

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