My Summer at Choate Rosemary Hall

Topics: Anatomy, Biology, Dissection Pages: 2 (897 words) Published: May 17, 2011
This summer at Choate Rosemary Hall was the best summer that I have ever had so far. The classes were challenging but also exiting at the same time. I really love the classes there because the number of student per one teacher is very small so the teachers give pay more attention toward you. Also, the student gets to know each other more so they can work together better. One of my favorite classes during the summer was Anatomy and physiology because we had a lot of hands on experience with dissection. My favorite dissection in the class is when we get to dissect and explore the anatomy and physiology of a rodent’s body because it was the longest and interesting dissection that we had during the summer program. When we finish with the dissection, our teacher takes a picture of our dissection and sends it to us and we had to label it. Another project that I like about Anatomy and Physiology is the owl pellet. We had to put back together a scattered rodent skeleton together and it was very time consuming. Other than the classes I also like the dorm life was. At home my parent do everything for me but at Choate I had to do everything myself, which made me feel like an adult. Every morning I had to wake up by myself and go to breakfast. My Favorite part about dorm life is laundry. My friend and I always wash our cloths together to save some money and we would just sit in the laundry room talking to each other about each other cultures. One time I forgot my highlighter in my pocket during washing so all of my cloths was ruin. The mistake of putting a highlighter in my pocket turns out really cool because it made one of my shirts really pretty so everyone said that I was the best mistake that I’ve ever made. Choate’s campus was big. On the first day of class I wanted to change my schedule and didn’t know anywhere to go to so I had to run around the campus trying to find the summer program office for almost an hour. Every day I have only 30 minutes for lunch because...
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