My Success as a Lpn

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My Success As A LPN:
The best thing I have ever done for myself was go back to school and get my LPN license in 1998-1999. I did it because I wanted a better, more challenging career, a better future, and to help others. I completed that year of school, passed my boards, and became a LPN. My life has changed in that I am more stable financially, challenged more, and have more opportunities to advance in the career I have chosen.

Before I went back to school I had worked at several places that paid minimum wage and did not offer much room for advancement. I tried convenient store work, Medical Records Clerk, or Unit Secretary, and even driving a semi tractor trailer over the road. I just was not making very much money. Oh, I paid my bills and had what I needed to live. I just was not able to save anything because I had nothing left after I paid the bills. Working as a LPN has proven to be more financially rewarding. The pay is almost twice, if not twice, minimum wage. Now, when I receive a paycheck, I have money left over most of the time to do things with besides just pay bills.

The challenges are greater now that I finished LPN school. A lot of my time is spent gathering information from patients and presenting it to the Physician in charge for his or her review. I use skills that I have learned in school and ones that I have learned outside of school to evaluate, monitor, and help patients in many ways. Physicians I have worked with have asked me to help them with minor office procedures as well as other important tasks. I have assisted in educating patients with useful information about their medications, their condition, and possible lifestyle changes that may help them receive beneficial treatment which will improve their lives in the long run. This helps patients have a better understanding of what is going on with their health.

Becoming a LPN has also given me a chance to advance in the medical field. There are more job opportunities out there...
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