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Topics: High-speed rail, Lower Boddington, Villages in Northamptonshire Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Notes on Mitigation and Compensation for Boddington Parish
High Speed Consultation Area 9 (Greatworth to Lower Boddington) Map reference HS2-ARP-00-DR-RW-04218
When you are considering your answers especially to questions 5 and 7 5. Do you agree that the Government’s proposed route, including the approach proposed for mitigating its impacts, is the best option for a new high speed rail line between London and the West Midlands?

Things to consider
1. At present there no plan for mitigation of HS2 through Boddington Parish. They have lowered the line by Lower Boddington but the cutting is less than a metre deep. The train and the electric cables will be 8 meters high. The track will be about 22 metres wide and wider in cuttings or on embankments. 2. The train leaves a cutting just outside Aston Le Walls and is around ground level until it goes into a cutting again just after the turning up to Upper Boddington by Hill Farm; apart from a viaduct over the ‘flood plain’ and an embankment about 4 metres high through the Fir Tree Nursery. 3. Road diversions are suggested with bridges going over the line. These would be very visible 4. Farmers will suffer by having their farms cut in two and will find it difficult to move stock or equipment except over 2 very high road bridges. 5. There is no sound buffering in place as yet. HS2 mention noise from the wheels on the rails but much of the noise will come from the electrical pick up (pantograph) at high speed, 1 metre noise barriers in place elsewhere will do nothing to reduce this noise. 6. The parish of Boddington is very quiet with no major roads or industries 7. The line passes very close to Lower Boddington, there will be considerable noise and visual pollution, and perhaps vibration 8. The line is further away from Upper Boddington, its position on a hill overlooking the valley means that the noise and visual pollution will be considerable.

Things to mention in your consultation...
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