My Stunning Educational Experience

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  • Published : November 3, 2012
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My Thrilling Educational Experience

Excitement, thrill, apprehension and all those human emotions were governing me as they do to every other individual who enters an unknown environment. The smell of air had changed and it consistently reminded me of these emotions. Now, there I was in this great city all alone, having moved from Nepal to the United States trying to get a quality education. The new education system stunned me. How can things be so different? How come I don’t even have to yell “MAY I COME IN SIR” before I enter the class? I was both surprised and proud not having to do it anymore. The new learning process was so interactive that I finally found education to be interesting. After experiencing two different cultures and educational systems, I perceived that education can be made effective through active learning because it involves ideas of both the teacher and students, enhancing the learning experience to be more promising and productive. All my schooling experiences, until the twelfth grade, engaged me in passive learning. The classroom was teacher-dominated and I feel that my potentiality and creativity has been suppressed to a large degree. Mr. Dhoj, my 9th grade math instructor, asked me if I had done my homework and as usual I hadn’t. I can still recall the experience when Mr. Dhoj’s huge hands slammed on my pathetic 15 year old back. He was an incredibly strong man. You would not want to mess around with a guy like Mr. Dhoj. But this was not the first time that it happened and I was not the only one who went through it. It would happen every other day and wasn’t something you would really feel embarrassed about. Like expressed by UCLA professor Mike Rose in his essay “I Just Wanna Be Average,”...
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