My Strength and Weakness Push Me to Keep Moving Forward

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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My biggest strength is I am a dedicated and hard-working learner. I take every class seriously, and work hard to complete all assignments for get good grades. First, I carefully listened to the teachers in every class. I try to keep in mind every word they said in the class. Second, I took notes. I wrote down every key point and concept from the teacher’s lecture. When I arrived home, I can use those notes to help me review and figure out some new ideas. Next, I work very hard to complete all assignments. For example, I woke up very early on every Saturday and Sunday, and study until midnight because I want to make all my homework are perfect. I revised my homework over and over again to make them as best I can. Finally, I believe my strength and all my positive behaviors can help me learn new courses successfully. My weakness is I am not a native English speaker. Due to English is not my first language, so I do not have an abundance of vocabulary words, like other ESL students. I remember this drawback have caused me some inconveniences in the past. For instance, years ago, when I went to the grocery store, and I saw there are products printed with a cake on the boxes, so I thought it must be a cake on the inside of the box, but when I bought it to home and opened the box it was the cake flour. Another example, one day, when I described my thoughts in English, which I want to said is that people’s ability has declined in some reasons, but I used another word to replace that word declined, which was made another native speaker fell funny and confused. Those kinds of thing sometime can make people laugh, but it also can make me disappointed. Consequently, I am eager to learn more about English to get rid of weakness, until I can use English like a native speaker. One thing I have learned in ESL 263 is paragraph writing. In this class, I have learned few different skills in paragraph writing. First, I have learned how to correctly arrange the paragraph such as...
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