My Story of a Heroin Addicted Parent

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Heroin Pages: 1 (491 words) Published: December 16, 2012
When that one person who is suppose to be there for you no matter what, when that one person who is suppose to be there when your down to pick you up, but isn’t. The feeling you get when something reminds you of that person and sometimes you can no longer deal with it and you break down and bawl. No one can ever replace her, she was that women in my life who was suppose to love and care for me make sure I’m ok, hold me when everything isn’t ok and tell me that one it will be ok. I never had that though my mom could have been a great mother, but she was lost she was lost to an addition. Her addition was a nasty habit that one day would destroy her and take my mom out of my life for good. I never understood why she wasn’t home, she said she ‘’loved’’ me but why wasn’t she there when I needed her the most, she wasn't the one who held me when I as sad, no she was the one who made me feel that way and still does. I remember when I was younger I would cry and cry for days and would finally get over it and months would go by and it seem like she was just a memory she would pop back into my life and the process would start again. I knew my mom wanted to be there for but her addition and my dad would not allow her to be. My mom was using heroin. It is a highly addictive drug hat is produced from morphine, which comes from the seedpod of the opium Asian poppy plant. If my mom was using she wasn’t allowed to see us. But because she wasn’t allowed to see us she would turn to drugs to soothe her pain. It wasn’t right of her to do that but it was her decision. I never understood when I was younger what she was doing I once found her needles but at the time I was only eight or nine, so I thought they were for her medicine. My mom was in and out of my life because of her addiction I never had her for more than a year before she would mess up and relapses again. I never blamed my mom for hat she caused to my siblings and I, I never blamed the dealer, the drug, anyone, or myself...
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