My Spring Semester Plan for Improvement

Topics: English language, SAT, College Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Time is my enemy. Most college deadlines have passed, and I have either received acceptance letters or am waiting for the last to arrive. Through intense perseverance I managed to earn a B and an A in my English class for the first and second 9 weeks, respectively. In the wake of an extremely diligent fall semester, the reality that May is rapidly approaching comes crashing down on my exhausted mind.

I intend to use the two weeks away from school for Christmas break wisely. The troubles of last year are ingrained in my memory as I overcame a learning “slump” and managed to pass the English Language and Composition course, only to make a 3 on the AP Exam. The feeling that I passed meant nothing to me, as I discerned that many colleges only accept 4s and 5s; my pride and motivation were tested. This year I plan on expanding my AP exam study habits.

Along with procrastination, the lack of sufficient preparation for the test led to my downfall. While working on an assigned practice AP multiple choice and free-response test during the holidays, I plan on reviewing sample multiple choice and essays from last year in addition to the ones from previous AP tests found on the College Board website. Confident that the world won’t end, I will instead continue devoting my attention towards my objective of receiving a 4 or 5 on the exam.

Upon my return from what I believe will be an enjoyable vacation, I will work even harder to maintain my A average while staving off more procrastination. With the spring semester set to be just as challenging, I’ll seek to ease my troubles by attending all four of the Super Saturday AP exam review sessions at the LCB academy while reading passages and analyzing sufficient information from the 5 Steps to a 5 book. In doing so I believe I will earn college credit that meets my expectations and graduate Barbe with the knowledge that I had redeemed myself from last year’s failures.
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