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Topics: Consciousness, Technology, Mind Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Teenagers of today have their heads in the phone and their fingers going a mile a minute is considered the norm. Since when did hanging out in town become a normal thing to do for teens? Nowadays teenagers don’t even have to go anywhere with their friends because they can talk to all of them at the same time without even moving an inch. Teenagers these days don’t have an outside world because their worlds are DIGITIAL! I am not sure that teenagers today would know how to survive without all of the gadgets like cell-phones, computers and don’t forget about good old Facebook in the olden days. So if you won’t leave the computer, cell-phone, IPOD or all of the 3 for long enough to sit down and eat dinner with your family, go to a football game or even go to a party with your friends then chances are you have a problem, you are addicted to technology. I think that most teenagers in today’s century are addicted to technology. Is this even possible? Is technology as much of a problem than alcohol or drugs? I am beginning to think that is very possible and highly likely. Although it is nice to be able to get in touch with friends whenever we want, it is also scary to think that Facebook and cell-phones can be very harmful to us.

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The other day I was walking down Westwood Plaza in LA when I noticed how many people were walking and texting. At least a dozen people were connected to their cell, hardly looking up to see where they were walking. As a meditation teacher, I've come to realize that people's worst fear, perhaps even more than dying, is being alone with their own thoughts and feelings. Technology distracts us from ourselves Don’t want to talk about anything so they text instead extra. It keeps us from going inside. If we feel bored or listless, it's easy to make a beeline to the computer and surf the net. It keeps us from feeling and healing our inner pain. Like TV, we use technology as an escape. Is it ever going to give...
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