My Soul Mate

Topics: Family, Tuition, Father Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Every person has his own special someone in their lives. I have always believed that we are born with a soul mate, a permanent partner in life. Others may not be too fortunate to meet their soul mates in this lifetime. However, others are indeed lucky to have found and met their long lost love and I am one of those fortunate ones. He was my classmate in college. He was one of the few people I really did not like, so to speak. He seemed so arrogant, conceited and over confident. Days passed after the first day of school, when gradually I had discovered how nice and kind he was. He always had a helping hand to any classmate in need. He was protective and caring especially to the girls in the class. If we had a classmate needing a ride home, he would be the first one to volunteer to drive that person home. Such simple gestures made me discount my first impression of him. Eventually he became one of my best buddies back then. Who would ever think that at the end of the line, he would be my husband now? I always have a smile painted on my face when I reminisce of the ups and downs of our relationship. My husband is a best friend, a critic and father-figure all rolled into one.

I love calling him with his nick – CHOI. Only family members and close friends call him that name. It was short for Butchokoy, a slang term for the youngest in the family. I am the eldest while he is the youngest, a good combination old people would say. Until now, after being married for four years, he continues to be my best friend. We watch movies together. We list all the films that we want to see and we schedule to see them once every two weeks. Also, during weekends we play some indoor games like scrabble, chess and card games. I remember how he tries to beat me by coining new words which I ended up knowing. Before going to bed, we see to it that we talk and reflect about the activities we had during the day. I can tell him my troubles while I’m headed to school or after work....
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