My Sons on Death Row

Topics: Death Penalty, Kill, Family Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: December 11, 2007
"A TV station in San Francisco claimed the right to show the execution of double killer Robert Harris". America has two sides of people, the justifying and the sympathizing. The justifying side wants to see the villains get their punishment with death penalty, and the sympathizing side wants to remove death penalty. So what does a mother have to say about this matter with two sons on death row?

Jacqueline Downs have two sons who both ended up on death row next to each other. But how can both her sons end up on the death row? As Jacqueline explains her kids and she were victims of a bad husband and father, who used violence on the family. After some time Jacqueline walked out on him, but the kids never really knew their father. When Ernest (the oldest son) got older he made his own business and everything looked good for him, he had fast cars and lots of money. But one day he was arrested and sentenced to death because of a contract kill. So what drives a man to do a contract kill when everything is going so well? In my opinion it goes back to his childhood. Losing your father because he was an asshole and never loved you scars you for life. So maybe he wanted some kind of justice by killing Jerry Harris who was a crooked bank official. Or maybe the childhood rage had built up and when he got the opportunity or excuse to kill someone he did. The other son Bobby had a rough time in school, he wasn't as clever or good looking as his older brother. He tried to do his own business but used the earned money on booze. Later he go married with his girlfriend Nicole, but after the marriage he started doing drugs and thinks went crazy. He found out that Nicole had an affair and in a jealous rage he killed her in front of his two kids. So why did Bobby end this way? Losing his brother and father at a very young age, could mean that he didn't have anyone to look upon and mirror himself in. Killing his wife was an act of jealous but it could also be because of what the...
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