My Skills as a Manager

Topics: Cabin pressurization, Management, Masks Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Toi nghi min se tro thanh 1 nguoi quan li ban than toi da tung hoc ve linh vuc nay nen toi co nhieu kinh nghiem va ky nang trog nghe.Hon nua,toi co tam nhin rong co the thay duoc moi viec va lam thay doi duoc chung.kha nang giao tiep va xu li tinh huong cua toi kha linh hoat

If you travel a lot, you certainly heard the flight attendant say some version of the following: “In the event of a change in cabin pressure, panels above your head will open revealing oxygen masks. Pull the mask down toward you to activate the flow of oxygen. Cover your nose and mouth with the mask. Place the elastic band around your head and continue to breathe normally. Remember to secure your own mask before assisting others.” That is how I look at life. In fact, because I have attended to myself and have prepared for my future job since I have been a college student, so I believe that I am a good manager now. Firstly, I took a dual major of Business Management and Finance Management at the University of Economics. At the college, I have learned a lot of information, skills, and knowledge which related to my current job. During the time I went to university, moreover, I also had a part-time job as a manager at a financial company. Thanks to those jobs, I actually have experienced a lot in manager positions. Hence, I have the abilities to control resources in an organization, make and implement strategies, and handle different people. On the other hand, because I also communicate very well, this helps me to be flexible in every situation. To sum up, I am now catching both my job and my life goals successfully as a manager.
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