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Topics: Customer service, Sales, Customer Pages: 2 (372 words) Published: July 11, 2008
What is your favourite subject and why? (100 words or less)
The subject in which I enjoyed the most was my international business class, because it was an overall great experience of learning new knowledge and understanding international business relation among countries. The newspaper assignment required us to read the newspaper every week, provided me a better sense of the real business world and the recent events. The culminating activity required us to research a country’s business trade and relation with Canada, gave me a chance to learn about another country and its business relationship with Canada.

Name the most important skills required for this position

Skill 1: Communication skills
Skill 2: Bookkeeping skills
Skill 3: Teamwork skills

Describe in more detail the responsibilities and skills you developed (100 words or less): During stored hours I was in charge of many tasks such as customer service, retail, and stock. The customer service area required me to communicate with customers, deal with their complaints, also to help find what the customer wanted. Retail was the handling of cash, debits and credits, and the closing off daily financial transaction at the end of the night. My duties as to stock required me to bring merchandise from the back to the displays for customers to see. As well teamwork was important; cooperating with co-workers provided me the opportunity to make the best sales every month.

Name the most important skills required for this position:

Skill 1: Cooking skills
Skill 2: Communication skills
Skill 3: Basic accounting skills

Describe in more detail the responsibilities and skills you developed (100 words or less) Seeing how I was a hotdog vender it required me to first set up the stand/cart. My other duties were preparing and cooking the food for customers to eat, it required cooking skills. Also providing best customer service required good communication skills. At the end of the night I...
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