My Sister's Keeper Journal

Topics: Injunction, High school, English-language films Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: December 28, 2012
Julia Romano (the guardian ad litem whose job is to decide what’s best for Anna) visits Brian in the fire station and starts questioning him about Anna. She asks him if he thinks Anna is doing okay, he hesitates and says that if she was she wouldn’t have filed the lawsuit. Silently Brian realizes that he is fighting fire everywhere. He is fighting Kate's sickness, Jesse's addictions, Anna's case and Sara's despair. Julia is having flask backs, regarding her relationship with Campbell during school. They both attended the same high school, surrounded by children from wealthy families. Julia was considered ‘the outsider’ however Campbell falls in love with her despite the wishes of his parents and friends. Sara as usual is narrating about her flashbacks, and looking back at the time when Kate had relapses in 1996, 1997 and 2001. Fast forward to the current events, Sara received a temporary restraining order from the opposing counsel. Meaning that; she has to leave the house since she violated the judge’s order about not talking about the case and pressuring Anna to drop the lawsuit. Judge De Salvo decides not to grant the restraining order however warned Sara not to talk about the case. While they were at the family court, Brian suggests that Anna moves with him to the fire station for a while, to distance her away from her mother to think properly. Julia visits the Fitzgerald’s family looking for Anna but instead meets with Jesse. She chats with Jesse and asks him how his parents decide when Anna will help Kate medically, he replies and says “you make it sound like there is some process involved. Like there is actually a choice” Campbell is having some flask backs recalling some conversations he had with Julia during high school. Campbell recalls his graduation and how he ignored Julia and left her for unknown. Similar to the other characters; Jesse reflects back on some incidents throughout his childhood, where he felt neglected by his...
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