My Sister's Keeper

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My Sister’s Keeper
Jodi Picoult’s ‘My sister’s keeper’ is a novel based on conflicts surrounding the main character, Anna Fitzgerald. Anna did many procedures, endured pain, gave cells, bone marrow and blood to her sister, Kate. If that wasn’t enough, now the doctors want her to give away one of her kidneys. It was a shock to the whole family when her mom, Sara received a letter stating that her daughter, Anna is suing her for medical emancipation. When a law suit is filed it is usually for someone’s own benefit, in Anna’s case her one and main influential factor is Kate’s benefit. This shows that Anna’s strong and undefined love for her sister allows her to do what she would’ve never dreamed of doing, being the reason for Kate’s death. Anna’s perpetual love causes her to feel neglect from her parents, to put her sister before her own desires, and to grant Kate’s wish which leads to a lawsuit against her parents. One shouldn’t judge at the first glance of a situation, and that’s what Anna will teach us in this novel.

“See, unlike the rest of the free world, I didn’t get here by accident. And if you parents have you for a reason then that reason better exist. Because once it’s gone, so are you.” Picoult wrote this quote which is a perfect example of what Anna feels throughout the novel and a factor that had an impact on her decision to sue her parents for medical emancipation. Anna’s wish would be to live independently from her sister because of all the neglect that she feels. She tells us with this quote that she was conceived to save Kate. She feels that her parents love her because she can make sure that their beloved daughter will be able to fight cancer and live a longer life. Anna informs us that her parents won’t love her anymore once Kate passes away since that was the reason that she was born in the first place. This makes Anna wonder whether people actually like her or if they are forced to be nice to her because of her circumstances. She wants to know if people would still treat her just the same, or if they wouldn’t stand being around her. The constant neglect from her parents and the lack of love she truly needs makes her feel depressed. Picoult wrote: “Maybe it’s because I was the third child, and they were sick and tired of keeping a catalog of life. Maybe it’s because they forgot. It’s nobody’s fault, …, but it’s a little depressing. … A photo says, you were so important to me that I put down everything else to come watch.” For Anna, it’s the little things that count, when she noticed that there were more pictures of her siblings than herself she felt empty. Unnoticed. Unloved. She considered that the lack of photos meant that she wasn’t important to them, and that they only keep her around so that she can be used to help Kate. It makes her create scenarios in her head of how she would enjoy life if Kate were to die, or if she never existed in the first place. Although in her scenarios it saddens her that her sister is not around, she still feels satisfied that no one is stopping her from going to sleepovers, joining hockey teams and going to another city for camp. Her scenarios make her feel content that she’s not in the hospitals on a regular basis, because Kate’s sick. When Anna thinks about getting medically emancipated from her parents, she realizes that she will live independently from Kate. She would no longer feel any neglect from her parents since now all their attention would be on her. She knows that her scenarios will finally come true; she can finally be pleased with her life again.

Anna has sacrificed a lot for her sister and has always put her sister before her own desires. Picoult wrote: “‘I won’t ever go to Minnesota … I won’t ever go anywhere.’” In this quote, Anna is telling Kate that she won’t go anywhere. She’s telling her that she won’t go to the hockey camp that she’s been dreaming of going. She gave up the chance to meet one of the best goalies...
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