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  • Published: October 8, 2012
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Chapter 6: Resistance Against the Spanish Rule

Reasons for the Revolts

1. Refusal of Spanish authorities to grant reforms
2. Policy of the Spanish government not allowing the natives to learn the Spanish language 3. Religious intolerance of the friars
4. Imposition of the Polo, tribute and taxes
5. Monopolies and the Galleon Trade
6. Agrarian injustices and cases of land grabbing
7. Greed, cruelty and abuses committed by Spanish authorities

The Filipino Revolts

A. Lakandula and Sulayman Revolt

Date: 1574
Setting: Tondo, Manila
Leaders: Lakandula and Sulayman
Cause(s):Gov. Guido de Lavezares refused to exempt Lakandula and his kin from payment of tributes and the confiscation of the natives’ patrimonial land awarded to them by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi as a token of friendship.

Result(s):The natives launched a revolt that coincided with Limahong’s attacks. Through the intervention of Legazpi’s grandson Juan de Salcedo, the natives and their leaders were pacified with the condition that their lands would be retained and that they be exempted from payment of tributes. After the reconciliation, the natives helped the Spaniards in crushing the force of Limahong.

B. Magat Salamat Conspiracy a.k.a. Tondo Conspiracy

Setting:Tondo, Manila
Leaders:Magat Salamat, Agustin de Legazpi, Juan Banal (chieftain of Tondo) and Pedro Balingit (chieftain of Pandacan) Cause(s):The desire of the natives to regain the lost freedom of their forefathers Result(s):The conspiracy failed after one of the recruits squealed the information to Spanish authorities which resulted to the arrest of its leaders and their execution.

C. Magalat Revolt

Setting:Cagayan Valley
Cause(s):Resentment of the natives in the payment of tribute and the implementation of the polo y servcio Result(s):The revolt for quite some time gave headaches to Spanish...
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