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Project LaunchBox Confirmation - Online

This document will serve as an attestation agreement certifying that I, the prospective student, will participate in Project LaunchBox, which includes the purchase of an Apple Macbook Pro, software, and technology package, if applicable, required for my online degree program.

A. Computer
I understand two options are available to purchase the required Project LaunchBox bundle and I have chosen the following (check one): I will purchase the Project LaunchBox bundle from Full Sail using: Method of Payment Credit Card Check Money Order

I would like to increase the amount of my Financial Aid package by the price of the LaunchBox bundle and have that additional amount be used as payment toward purchase of the Project LaunchBox bundle. *Not an option for cash students

B. Internet
I understand that Internet connection is essential to success in an online program and that my personal Internet connection must satisfy the following requirements: • I must have a high-speed Internet connection (cable, DSL, or satellite). • I must have my own Internet Service Provider, modem, and Ethernet cable. A wireless router is optional. • My Internet connection must have at least a download speed of 768 Kbps and an upload speed of 384 Kbps. Wireless cell phone data cards, AirCards, ExpressCard modems, 3G/4G portable mobile broadband networks, etc. are not recommended for use with Full Sail Online. While these services allow for wireless access and are adequate for most other Internet services, they are not adequate for Full Sail students. Full Sail Online students will be required to “turn in” course work by uploading larger sized files, viewing high-quality video content, and using services like virtual classrooms that require a stronger bandwith and Internet connection than these types of services can currently support.

C. Shipping
Address (Apt/Unit #)

8280 bentwood circle east drive
apt. 2d...
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