My Secret Place

Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: May 17, 2010
My Secret Place
My secret place is in halo land it’s a place were war never ends. U.N.S.C and the Covenant are at war all the time. In halo land you are a soldier there is no two ways about it you are either a soldier or dead. In halo land, I’m a Spartan I was one of the only people transformed from a normal marine into a Spartan. Two other marines were transformed Ciaran and Conor. We were the best soldiers in all the world we had killed thousands in are marine form. But now was better we had our new and improved mjinour power armour the same armour John Sierra had before he disappeared mysteriously. Now we start the story.

It was a normal day in halo land we were being banshee bombed in all directions just then a pelican arrived with some supplies. I picked up my missile pod. I shot down two banshees then hijacked the third one. Ciaran got his rocket launcher and blew up four then hijacked one. Conor blew up one with his battle rifle and hijacked one. In my banshee, I blew up five. Ciaran blew up four and Conor two. That was all of them gone in two minuites. Just then, two warthogs came speeding towards us. It was Joe and Shane the marines. We ambushed sir said Shane and Joe together there was a pack of brute chieftains they were to powerful for us they had hammers so we took the hogs and retreated. They had brought a warthog gauss and a normal machine gun turret hog. Shane and Joe you take the machine gun turret hog and we will take the warthog gauss. Yes, sir said Joe and Shane. We will kill those brutes and take back the base camp. We headed to the camp when we got there their was no one to be seen. Just then out of no were a brute chopper rammed Joe and Shane’s warthog and then tried to ram us we I shot the brute in the head with the gauss cannon. Then out of no were six chieftains with gravity hammers charged towards us ambush Conor shouted. Its o.k. We’ll take on these guys. You save Joe and Shane Conor me and Ciaran can take out these pussies. The...
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