My Second Chance

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Second chances you only get one of them one time in your adult life to go back to school. Now that I have to do it right by having my goals in order. I am motivated to step forward to complete my education. This will put me in a better position to get the job I have always wanted. I will have the skills and knowledge to own a successful company one day. By striving for the best and staying focused I will achieve all that my education has to offer. Getting a second chance at my education will take me to the next level of my life. My personal aspect of me getting my education a second time is going to be a great reward for me. When I went to college the first time I did not take it as serious as I should have. I realize I have to take control of my future because I have family to provide for. As the man of my house I do not have time to get off track anymore. I intend to take this chance and make something happen with it. There are no excuses why I can not finish school and get a degree. Since I have been back in school, my motivation level is at an all time high. Eventually all of the hard work and dedication being put into my education will pay off. Everyday I am trying to put my goal together from short-term to long term goals. There is never enough time to prepare your future for you or your family. I am thinking of plans for my own company, which will benefit my family future. As parents we always complain about not finishing school. When we get the opportunity, we come up with excuses why we can not go back. I do not have enough time or I work too much, no one to watch my kids etc. I ask myself everyday what I will benefit from all this hard work getting my education. It is the outline of my future for me to get prepared for what is waiting for me. This will be my accomplishment that I can show for hard work. Without a good education I will not get the job I want. I will be stuck at a stand still at my same job, doing the same old...
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