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ITKM 620

Which of the four phases of the project management process do you feel is most challenging? Why? The focus of project closedown is to bring the project to an end. Projects can conclude with a natural or unnatural termination. A natural termination occurs when the requirements of the project have been met—the project has been completed and is a success. Closing down the project. During closedown, you perform several diverse activities. Conducting postproject reviews. Once you have closed down the project, final reviews of the project should be conducted with management and customers. Closing the customer contract. The focus of this final activity is to ensure that all contractual terms of the project have been met. A project governed by a contractual agreement is typically not completed until agreed to by both parties, often in writing. Closedown is an important activity. A project is not complete until it is closed, and it is at closedown that projects are deemed a success or failure. Completion also signifies the chance to begin a new project and apply what you have learned. Now that you have an understanding of the project management process, the next section describes specific techniques used in systems development for representing and scheduling activities and resources.

What are some sources of risk in a systems analysis and design project, and how does a project manager cope with risk during the stages of project management? The purpose of systems analysis and design is for a business to increase their efficiency, because when you look at a current system you will see flaws that need fixed ans within the new system that you design you will take these into consideration. A new system will make the the business more profitable. The Capital Project Risk Management Process is intended to result in the effective management of project risks (threats and opportunities). The objective of the project risk management process is to help project sponsors and project teams to make informed decisions regarding project alternatives. The project manager, project sponsor, and project team members jointly develop a written plan that enables them to identify, assess, quantify, prepare a response to, monitor, and control capital project risks. There are two stages in the process of Project Risk Management, Risk Assessment and Risk Control. Risk Assessment can take place at any time during the project, though the sooner the better. However, Risk Control cannot be effective without a previous Risk Assessment. Similarly, most people tend to think that having performed a Risk Assessment, they have done all that is needed. Far too many projects spend a great deal of effort on Risk Assessment and then ignore Risk control completely.

Search the Web for recent reviews of project management software. Which packages seem to be most popular? What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of each package? What advice would you give to someone intending to buy project management software for his or her PC? Why? There are basically two types of online PM applications that can be accessed and utilized with any compatible web browser. The first and most common type is web-based software that is hosted and maintained by a third party, such as Project Genius and Basecamp. These products offer numerous advantages, especially for those groups who are spread out over a large geographical area or who spend a lot of time traveling. The main selling point for these tools is that all you need is an Internet connection to access your project information. That is, there’s no need to worry about remotely connecting to your company server or to lug around copies of data on external storage devices. An added bonus is that multiple people can access and modify the same information simultaneously, so there’s no confusion about which version of a project management form is the most recent. One downside of these applications hosted...
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