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My School Life

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  • April 10, 2011
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Everyday we go to our beautiful school in spite of rain or shine. We’ll spend a whole day in school. In the morning, we come to school. Most of us get up earlier to avoid our names to be listed. But of course, there are few students who have no time concept and are always late. With the ring for break throughout the schoolyard, we all become as lively as monkeys! Some of us run or jump in the playground, some skip ropes, play badminton, kick shuttlecock, read some books and the others sit around and chat with each other cheerfully . Recently, we’ll have a sports meeting in our school. So some of the students are very excited about that and they practice a lot. Once the bell for class rings, we clean up our dresses, wipe off sweat, go back to the classroom and wait for the teacher。In class, we pay much attention to the teacher and take notes. If we have problems and cannot find the correct answers, we will rise up our hands and ask the teacher. When the teacher asks us some questions about the lesson, we will think about them carefully and try to answer the questions actively. Sometimes we don’t know the answers, we would listen to what the teacher explains carefully. Anyway we cannot waste a bit of time in class, otherwise we will not learn anything or pass the exam. At noon, some of us go home for lunch. And the others have lunch at school. The school lunch is not delicious enough. But the advantage is that we have many more choices and we can choose what we want by ourselves. There’re many kinds of food, such as beef noodles, hot dogs, fish, chicken, vegetables and so on. After lunch, my good friend and I often chat with each other and take a walk in the campus. After that, we have a noon break. At this time, we should keep quiet and study by ourselves or have a rest. Boys often feel tired and have a rest because they play basketball before. But we girls usually go over the lessons. When a school day finishes, we may go home....