My Sanctuary

Topics: Bed, Olfaction, Pillow Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: April 13, 2008
When I lived in Jakarta, Indonesia and becomes bored and needed some inspiration, I went to Mayflower Apartments on the twenty-first floor. That apartment has a nice view outside the window, overlooking the outdoor swimming pool and trees and plants with colorful flowers at them. Inside, it has two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and two restrooms. One of those two bedrooms was mine. To most people, a bedroom was just a place to sleep, while for me, it was the place where I do most of my activities. It was a big room with some furnishings and decorations in it. My bedroom was organized for comfort. The very first thing that I saw as I enter my room was a beige colored desk with a chair in front of it. It was a neat desk as all of the stationeries and books on it were very well organized. I arranged them in order. This orderliness made it easier for me to find and get the books or supplies that I needed. The smooth surface wood of both the body of the desk, and the framework, which was made of sturdily combined bronze colored steel, brought a comfortable feeling to me while working on it. I placed a small silver colored digital clock on the corner of the desk to see the time. Behind the clock was a black desk lamp of about 30 centimeters high which becomes the best source of light while I’m working on that desk. With a notebook on the center of the desk, I can browse in the internet and do my assignments conveniently. That desk becomes very important to me since it’s the most comfortable place to study, for its nice to work on and everything I need to study was there. I have always done my homework, read my textbooks and browse the internet on that desk. I have found “paradise” in the wooden bed right in front of my desk. This was the most used and my favorite spot in my room because the bed satisfies the color, texture, and decoration that I felt comfortable with. This rectangular big bed was queen sized and its beige colored bed frame was decorated with...
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