My Room

Topics: Bed, Apple, Family Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: September 26, 2012
My room is my favorite place in my house. I feel as though nothing can describe anybody better than their room can. Just the little things in a room can describe a person more than anything. Such as bedroom suites, colors of the walls, and decorations.

Until my brother had graduated high school and was ready to move off to college. I shared a room with my sister whom is three years older than me. My mom was the one who had always decorated our rooms when we were little, and then again when we got somewhat older. I can always remember telling mom that, “I couldn’t wait till I got to decorate my own room.” Then finally that day arrived, I had never been so happy in my life.

The smell of apple cinnamon lingers throughout my room, from the sensey located on top of my dresser. It always reminds me of baked apple pies and family dinners being made at grandmothers’ house. When I first enter my room I can hear the sound of my television, sitting on top of my dresser that I never turn off before leaving the house.

My walls are hot pink and black. These colors match my zebra printed furry bedspread that I had waited what seemed like a life time to get. This brings out the more girly side in me. Before I painted them my walls where white, it shows no expression white always leave me saying, “blahh!” Black curtains hang over all four windows. I’ve always loved sleeping in, but the sun would always wake me up bright and early.

I have a wooden bedroom suite which consists of a queen size bed, night stand, and two dressers. I wouldn’t trade my bed for nothing in the world; it has a feather top mattress that I just sink right down in. Before my queen size bed I had a twin size bed. It was very hard to get confortable on because it was so small, I felt like I couldn’t roll over without hitting my head or falling off the bed. My night stand comes in use for my cokes, and late night snacks. My two dressers help me organize my clothes.

My favorite thing about my...
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