My Role Model

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  • Published : November 15, 2011
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Over time, I have had several people who have influenced various aspects of my life, based on their personal characteristics, accomplishments, and values. But, when reflecting on truly personal influences in my life, no one has had a greater impact than my father. He was and continues to be a positive role model as a father, a husband, and electrician. My father has worked very hard in his life to make sure he provides his family with everything they need.

Even though my father worked all of the time, he still managed to make time for his family. He took us on vacations to places like Arkansas, Texas, and Missouri. He has also taught me how to hunt. Another reason I chose him is because we are a lot alike and have very similar personalities and work ethics.

My dad has always taught me that I have to work my hardest for whatever I want in life. My dad had me with his first wife, my mother, when he was seventeen. My parents had very little money to raise me on their own, so my dad went to work right away to help support his family. He gave up all his freedom and the fun on a teenage life to help support his family. My dad has been working at least two jobs at a time since the age of seventeen.

My dad has always been by my side through everything whenever I needed him. My dad is also a great example of a role model because he is a good man with many admirable qualities. He is a kind, protective, loving, caring, and hard-working man. He would give anybody the shirt off his back and help anyone out.

My dad has always encouraged me in all my hopes and dreams, no matter how unrealistic they may have been. He has always been a great support system in my life. My dad is also a very funny man. He jokes and pulls pranks on everybody. Sometimes, I think he acts more like his shoe size, than his age. He always knew when it was time to take things seriously, though.

My dad always makes sure to keep his work, family, and spiritual life separate. He makes equal time...
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