My Role in Honoring Veterans

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  • Published : December 8, 2008
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My Role in Honoring Veterans
What does honoring means? Honoring is high respects, as shown for a special merit; esteem. Although honoring a veteran may not seem important to some, it should be a very high priority and very important to all Americans. After all, we would not be the country we are today without our veterans fighting in wars and protecting us and our freedom. But how can one honor a veteran? One of the simplest ways is simply flying the American Flag proudly. Salute the flag as it goes by in a parade. The flag symbolizes freedom. We wouldn’t have freedom if it wasn’t for our veterans and armed forces that have fought over-seas to defend it. Thousands of veterans have fought and died for our flag and freedom. The flag is many veterans hope, pride, and their respect. I believe honoring the flag with respect and dignity means a ton to veterans and is one of the simplest and highest ways to respect a veteran. Another really simple way to honor a veteran is to simply say thanks. Thanks for fighting for our country. Thanks for going threw many hardships and battles to defend our country and our freedom. Just simply saying thanks for everything they have done for our country and us. Thanking them lets them know how much we appreciate them putting their life in danger to fight for our country. As you see a veteran or a person in uniform just stop and say thanks with respect. Another way to thank them is to send them a thank you card. Sending a care package to a troops currently serving let’s them know that we appreciate what they are currently doing for us. Sacrificing everything including their life to defend us and our freedom is very hard. Sending them care packages mean a lot to them and lets them know that we haven’t forgot about them and what they are doing overseas. Another way you can honor veterans is to take some time and volunteer at a VA hospital. Although there may not be one close to where you live, you can find the...
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