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  • Published: September 13, 2014
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Chapter 1 Introduction

Fixing the System: The World of fixers in Philippine Bureaucratic System.

Can we win against the system??
Also known as the rising tiger of Asia “Philippines” A country having a 7,107 islands the home of 100 million Filipinos, the 12th Most Populous country in the world and one of the most Corrupt Country. A country having a huge number of populations has so many issues and problem gain and one of it is the so called “Fixers System” Fixers are somebody who uses influence or make special arrangements for someone to expedite transactions often through unlawful methods and in exchange for a fee. Fixers are found everywhere wherever rules and regulations governing business or public sector appear overly bureaucratic and complex while proper oversight and control is poor. And wherever Fixers are found, corruption is seldom very far behind. A report from news interviewing a man from Cavite saying that: “Mahaba yung pila. Sayang lang yung oras ko kaya nag lagay na lang ako” ( it will be a waste of time that’s why I was compelled to just give money) Our Government make a law entitled “the anti Red tape Act of 2007” R.A 9485 to prevent Fixers system but even though we have a law against in the system of fixers, there are so many people who used fixers for their transaction. Furthermore, maybe it’s a job considered for a person having a financial needs but did they ever think the consequences of being a fixers. Being fixers is a violation against the law. Besides we cannot criticize those fixers because that is their means of living. So here we can deduce that Filipinos really have a shortfall in terms meeting the desired income in order to live in a descent life. That’s why some Filipinos engaged on that kind of job. The question is how we prevent that kind of job, how we can restrain those people who depend on the fixer scheme. Because I believe that if there is no people who depend on the fixers system, there is no fixers.

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