My Religious Belief System

Topics: Religion, Faith, Jesus Pages: 3 (1367 words) Published: November 13, 2008
My Religious Belief System
My religious belief system is embedded in Christianity. I was born into a family who worshiped as Methodist and I am still Methodist. Growing up my mother not only sent us to church, she went with us along with my grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins. Even though my father did not attend church often, he believed in God and supported my mother’s desire to have her children in church. The neighborhood I grew up in consisted of a great deal of my mother’s family and everyone served at the same church, right there in the community. My religious beliefs, directed my life in the sense of keeping my family close, taking my children to church, and teaching them the right way. I remember before my baptism, my pastor explained to me the importance of being baptized and partaking in communion. The first time I accepted communion at the age of 12, I felt like I was receiving a part of Jesus in my body as protection against anything and everything. Later, I learned the real reason for communion is repentance and the need for forgiveness. My nurturing from church became an ethical path growing up. Without this direction in my life, a number of things I have experienced would probably cause me to detour too another way of thinking and doing things. My definition of a religious belief system is believe in God, involving yourself in worship and praise services and comprehending and living by a standard outlined by the word of God. In addition to that my beliefs tie in with the definition stated above. I am a Christian and with that being said, I believe in God and his son Jesus Christ. I truly believe Christ is our Lord and Savior who came into existence because of our sins and for that reason, I believe Christ died after he was crucified on the cross and 3 days later, he rose with all power over everything in heavens and earth. I believe Christ died for the sins of the entire world so that every living being may have life and live it more...
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