My Reflection Paper in Estrellas

Topics: Psychology, Education, Hospital Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: March 3, 2012
4 weeks ago, my friends and I had a dilemma about our OJT because we had not yet found a site where we could apply. But luckily, we heard from our other classmates that the Estrellas Home Care Clinic was still accepting applicants for internship. We went directly to Estrellas after our class and had our orientation, given by Dr. Rebecca, the week after. She gave us the rules and regulations for OJT interns. I was surprised when we arrived at Estrellas because there were many Thomasians taking up their practicum there too.

On our first day on the job as interns, with our complete uniform, we were allowed to go to the second floor to interact with the patients. At first I was very uneasy around the patients. I did not know what to ask them. I was afraid because I might offend them and that might tick them off. After a while, my anxiety around them lessened. I think that the patients are better at socializing with people than I am. Compared to the way I interacted with the patients on my first day, after 6 days, I significantly improved in socializing with them. I am now friends with Kuya Francis, Kuya Wilson, and Mang Ben. I often play basketball with Kuya Francis and Mang Ben during their strolling period. Mang Ben is very good in basketball considering his age.

During lunch breaks, we have lunch at the sari-sari store near Estrellas. That is where most of us socialize with other groups from other schools. I am very impressed with the system of Estrellas Home Care Clinic because of the way they take care of the patients. Compared to the mental hospital in Mandaluyong, the way Estrellas takes care of its patients is more humane, in my opinion. So far, I have learned so much in the field of clinical psychology in the past 7 days. I expect to learn so much more in the field of clinical psychology during the coming days of our OJT. With the way things are going, I know that Estrellas Home Care Clinic will provide me the proper knowledge and experience that I...
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