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Topics: Writing, Essay, Communication Pages: 3 (694 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Brandy A. Condon
121005 ENG121 D3
Chris McBride
November 7, 2012

Throughout this course, I have had to write a number of essays using a variety of topics. The topics that I was given to choose from made me think and put the knowledge that I have learned during this course together an APA format essay. This course helped me realize the many steps that are involved in the writing process from gathering ideas to making a final copy. In order to create a good paper you need to organize your ideas. However, I find it tedious to have to connect those ideas; yet, I want my paper to be cohesive and organized. Throughout this essay I will discuss my strengths, areas of improvement, why writing skills are important for my career and how they will help my speaking skills.

Discussion of Strengths
Throughout this course I have learned that I have a few strengths when it comes to writing. One of my strengths that I have found is that I am able to organize my ideas down in an essay form. The second strength is word selection. I have a knack for choosing the exact right word/phrase at the right time. Lastly, creativity is another one of my strengths. I have a vivid imagination which allows me to be very creative. Even with these strengths, I still have room for improvement.

Areas of Improvement
Wow throughout these last five weeks I have learned that I need to work on my grammar, spelling and pacing. Well I have to be honest grammar and spelling has never been move strong suit in writing. I've improved in all areas of writing since I started except I am awful at pacing. Lack of motivation to finish, I am too much of a nit-picky perfectionist which should come in handy but that side doesn't take a break while I write the first draft. I will feel at times that my ideas are terrible. I will have to continue to work on my weakness due to the fact that I am going to school to become a CMA, and in to do a lot of writing.

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