My Reasons for Returning to Education

Topics: Higher education, Education, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: October 17, 2010
My reasons for returning to education and my plans for the future?


An education is a fundamental part of ones live development. There are many factors of why I felt the need to return to education . Working as well as studying with dedication and commitment is an extremely self motivated and difficult decision to make. I will discus, also analyze the factors that brought me to my current situation. This includes my background, also discussing my past, present, finally my plans for the future relating to education thus the progression on to further education.

Firstly a significant development was the contemplation over my life at twenty four. Living had become mundane, repetitive with the feeling that achievement was scarce. Believing that I needed to maintain a full time job as a waitress also believing my financial situation was the particular reason preventing me from achieving success with going on to further education. Ann was also a full time employee working with me now. handing in her resignation. Having ceased to remember that Ann was also a Law student now going on to work in a Law firm I realized my life would not change unlike hers. Like me Anna had come from a difficult financial background with no relationship with her father being independent from an early age. The difference being Ann had secured her future. With hard work and commitment. That moment I realized I absolutely had to make a change to my life. Despite may peoples opinions, without question at twenty four I possessed the motivation, also the desire to achieve. For example many peoples opinion was that higher education was obsolete serving no purpose to your success as it could be gain through other options. As a result of my excuses also the opinions of others I sustained many years out of education. However undoubtedly with out this piece of my life I would not be studying now. In addition I had attempted to...
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