My Reading Timeline

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Randy Black
3 February 2013
My Reading Timeline
To Start off, I will be telling you a little bit of my background in reading and how I started to read. For as long as I can remember I remember my parents would read children books to me right before bedtime. It was the books that every kid loves being read to like Dr. Suess and Thomas the tank engine. My favorite books however where the books where there was big pictures because kids loves seeing the animation. I had a book where on each page you would press something on the page and the book would talk, which was really neat. I cannot remember at what age but maybe when I got into grade 4 or so, that is when my teachers started showing us how to read. We would read easy books but books with great humour, I really wish I knew what the books we read where but its been just a long time. I can just remember the joy I had as I was able to start reading on my own. I would tell my mom to buy me more books just because there was such a joy of being to read on my own. When ever I was in the car I would read signs as we were passing down the road. By the time I got into middle school reading was a breeze, it was basically at that time something that I would just do on a daily basis without really even knowing it. Plus I soon found out all about the different types of books out there from romance all the way to fantasy. I remember our teachers would sometimes let us choose our own books to read, and one of my favorites was goosebumps. There was just something about those books that were very entertaining to read. The goosebumps novels pretty much focus on mysteries plus as you read the book there is a section in there to see how the end will play out and there is like 2 or 3 different ending that you can choose from depending on your mood, or you can just see how all 3 will end. I also got to say before I forget I was also into the harry potter novels. I think the harry potter novels are like 200-300 pages maybe...
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