My Reading Teacher

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Mrs. Early
In 1979, I began to attend public school at Meadow’s Elementary at the age of five and graduated in the spring of 1985. Mrs. Early the kindergarten teacher was my very first teacher. During my tenure at Meadow’s, she was my reading teacher three times in the three different grades. She taught me the alphabet in kindergarten, to read and write in first grade and write cursive in the fourth grade. It was like she was following me as I grew up to make sure I succeed at the next level. Still to this day, I thank her every year around the holidays for being my guide, friend, and a wonderful teacher. She will always be the one who taught me the alphabet and the corresponding sounds of each letter and blending those letters into words for which to allow me to read and write into today’s society.

As far as I can remember, I began kindergarten in the fall of 1979. Since my last name started with the letter “T”, I was in Mrs. Early’s afternoon class. The class started at 11:30 and ended around 3 o’clock. She taught us the basics of Math, like recognizing the numbers and counting to 10. She also taught Science for which it consisted of learning how to brush our teeth to planting a bean in a Styrofoam cup and watching the development of a been turning into a plant. The most in important subject she taught was reading. From what I can remember, we learned the alphabet song, watching filmstrips and the most important was learning about, “The Letter People.” The Letter People were inflatable characters with letters on them. The characters range from Miss A for which she was known for saying, “A’choo” to Mister N who was known for having a noisy nose to Mister Z who was known for having Zipping Zippers. If it wasn’t for these funny characters it would have probably taken me a lot longer to learn the alphabet.
In the fall of 1980, I had moved onto the first grade and with surprise Mr. Early was...
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