My Reaction Paper "Matilda"

Pages: 2 (908 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Reaction Paper on “Matilda”
Dr. Seuss once said; “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you'll go.” This is the way on how I can describe Matilda as a reader. Matilda’s life as a kid has not been easy for her. By the age of three, she started to take good care of herself without any assistance made by her parents. I can say that Matilda’s parents are somewhat mean; they don’t know the real essence of education. They are always thinking of ways (bad) on how to have a life with full of money. Harry believes that education is not the key to success; it’s by doing bad and making big money. Zinnia agrees to the belief of her husband. I find the movie very interesting, inspiring, and unforgettable. The most interesting part is when Matilda was finally brought to school by her dad, I felt really happy for her. I also did felt the eagerness of Matilda in going to school. She always pleased her parents for her schooling. I find inspiring because at her young age, she was able to appreciate the essence of reading books. And even though without school, she was able to learn many things by her own. The part where I witnessed her willingness to learn is the unforgettable part. It’s true that her parents offer her an easy life where she will not do anything but only to watch TV. But she didn’t accept this offer, instead she wants to prove to her parents that learning through books is much interesting than anyone else. She even got to the point that she disrespectfully answered her dad after saying that Matilda was a cheater (in the part that Harry is asking Michael to solve their income that day). There is also a part when Matilda plays trick to his dad whenever he will do something bad like dyeing Harry’s hair and putting glue unto his cap. Matilda is a booklover. She is willing to do anything and everything for reading and learning. She doesn’t want to be like her parents who grew being a cheater. She is a kind of...
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