My Reaction Paper

Topics: Metro Manila, Manila, Quezon City Pages: 1 (434 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Reaction Paper

Last March 3, 2011, at almost 8 AM in my wristwatch, we departed from TIP QC campus to start our most awaited trip at the following itineraries: MMDA traffic monitoring Makati City, Bayantel Telecommunications and Falcon Crest Campsite at Norzagaray, Bulacan. At our first destination MMDA, we’ve got to see the traffic monitoring operation of MMDA, where many of Metro Manila’s road by installing CCTV cameras at Metro Manilas road. We also got to see the operating room for the Traffic light controllers. We also went to Bayan Telecommunications Inc. at Roosevelt Ave., Quezon City. Bayantel is one of the leading telecommunications companies for voice, Internet and data in the Philippines. The one that orient us was a graduate of MAPUA, he’s been working at Bayantel for 3 years. He told us about the NOC (Network Operation Center) of Bayantel. They are the ones that fixing the problems of Bayantel users. And after Bayantel, the next and last destination was at Falcon Crest Campsite at Norzagaray, Bulacan. It took us an hour to reach our destination, and at the time our tour guide, Mr. Mar, tells us many trivia behind the places that we’re passing through. He also tells us stories and jokes for us to avoid boredom. Until we reached Falcon Crest Campsite, we went out from the bus to eat our lunch. And immediately after lunch, one of the staff of Falcon Crest orient us on how to use the gadgets for wall climbing, rappelling and even in zip line. They were very strict about safety and they did explain to us the importance of using proper attire and gadgets when climbing the wall and rappelling. And after the orientation, we were divided in many groups. We did the wall climbing, rappelling, zip line and cargonet. After trying those slight risky activities (for me), we started our team building, still in groups. Until the time we’d done the games, I really had fun. I really enjoyed the tour because I never thought that I will ever do that. I’m afraid in...
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