My Rape Story

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  • Published : February 1, 2011
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My escape from been rape

I am not really sure how I should start. It has taken me along time to convince myself to tell someone my story. So here goes. Few months ago, my first cousin almost made me a victim of rape. I used to live with my cousin, his wife and two beautiful daughters age six and four. The house was a five bedroom house, so almost everyone got their own rooms. I used to work as a C.A.N seven days a week, at a nursing home in Minneapolis and do online classes after work. On July 4th of last year 2009 after coming home from a long hours of working, and two hours of online classes I wash all the dirty dishes in the sink , clean up most parts of the house, fix a breakfast bag for myself to eat the next day at work, then took a warm shower and went to bed, which was around 11pm, normally I will stay up to 12:am watching an African movie with my cousin’s wife just hanging out for the fun because our work hours are different and that’s the only time we get to see each other , but she and her kids had travel out of state for July 4th celebration at her sisters house, so I didn’t have much to do. my cousin also wasn’t home, so I went to bed. Around 2:am in the morning, when I was deep asleep I felt someone’s hands touching my toes and legs, so I got scared with all the lights off , I ask who that was but no one responded, trying to get off the bed to put the lights on to my surprise my cousin said to me “isha I have always love you and we can have sex without my wife or anyone knowing about it“, I ask him if he was crazy or drunk he then push me off the bed, started tearing my clothes off my body and taking his clothes off , none stop tears starts to come off my eyes , frustrated I started pushing him off me and praying to god and begging him not to rape me but he wouldn’t listen, started to hit me ,I didn’t no what to do fighting for my dear life for more than thirty mins, I finally push him off the bed ran outside for help at a friends...
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