My Pushover Instructor

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Since my favorite teacher Mr. Main broke his back, we ended up getting a replacement Instructor. We knew after the first few classes that the instructor was a pushover. First of all, he didn’t seem able to control the class. While the instructor was writing our homework assignment on the board, someone threw a soaked paper towel on the board next to him. As he turned around he glared at everyone in the class. Everyone in the class fell silent. Out of nowhere I heard a small chuckle on the other side of the room. Then the class laughed out loud. He had a dumbfounded look on this face and then bolted out the class room. In addition, he made some course requirements easier when a few students complained. For example, we had a course requirement to write four essays by the end of our semester. He felt like that was too much punishment so he brought the required four essays down to two essays. Also, he felt like essays shouldn’t be worth sixty percent of our grade. So he switched our assignment, quizzes, and participation percentage around with the essays. So now, our essays are worth five percent of our grade. Finally, he gave the easiest quiz we had ever taken. The quiz consisted of five questions. Three of the five questions were general elementary school math. The last two questions were about the Redskins and Ravens game last night. I honestly think this teacher is trying to get an easy paycheck. He has the rest of the year with our class so I hope he changes this attitude before I report this to the principal.
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