My Professional Practice

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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My Professional Practice
Nefretiri Coleman
Ohio University

My Professional Practice
My professional nursing practice is the result of many different influences. The basis of my practice, like most nurses, is a general desire to help people. My experiences in life, both personal and professional, also contribute to my practice. The relationship between the American Nurses Association’s (ANA) scope of practice and how I practice will be explained. In order to legally practice in the state of Pennsylvania (PA), I must follow the established board regulations which affect my practice. An explanation of how Provisions seven, eight and nine can be used to develop my professional nursing practice will be given. The manner in which values, philosophical forces, ethical principles, and theories influence my practice will also be discussed.

ANA’s scope of practice is very board and constantly expanding. Nursing is becoming more specialized the number of advanced practice nurses is increasing. But it all begins with a relationship built on caring, which assists health and healing. I have the desire to help because I genuinely care about people. I am able to assist with health and healing because I learned the tools necessary in nursing school. This is a profession that requires lifelong learning. I continue to learn new things to improve my personal practice daily. As nurses, we note physical and emotional responses to diseases, illness, and health. Assessing becomes a natural response as your practice progresses. I use objective and subjective data, along with my scientific knowledge, judgment and critical thinking to diagnosis and treat patients. I advance my nursing practice by seeking knowledge. I believe I practice according to ANA’s scope of practice (ANA, 2010). Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing influences my practice in many aspects. The purpose of the Board is to “insure safe nursing services for the citizens of this Commonwealth” (Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing, Chapter 49 PA Code 21.3). In order to fulfill its purpose, the Board establishes safe standards for the preparation of registered nurses. They determine a list of approved nursing schools. Schools can be removed from the list if specific guidelines are not followed. I graduated from an approved program. My curriculum met the guidelines and the school I attended was on the approved list. Basically, the foundation of my nursing education was developed in part by the board. The state code goes on to state the general functions of a registered nurse. It relates to me because these are the functions I perform. I assess patients and develop plans of care. I evaluate the quality of care I provide. I gather data and use that information to determine patients’ needs. I only work within the scope of practice of which I have the knowledge and skill to perform. The items listed in state code are a summation of the basic nursing job description. The code of nursing does not specifically list standards of practice but recognizes the standards of practice of nursing associations. It does however, address standards of nursing conduct. These standards include respecting patients’ rights to privacy and confidentiality. I treat all of my patients and their private information with respect. I document accurately. I give a full report before leaving an assignment. I do not engage in inappropriate relationships with patients. I meet all of the standards of nursing (PA State Board of Nursing, Chapter 49 PA Code 21). The code of ethics for nurses Provision Seven “challenges the nurse to participate in the profession’s contribution to society by being actively engaged with its progress and development,” (Fowler, 2008, p.91). There are four facets of development for this provision. Education and practice are the facets I am currently working on by taking classes towards my bachelor degree. I hope to one day obtain my master’s degree. As I continue advancing my personal...