My Professional Achievements

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Achievements in my profession.

My urge to learn, ability to perform under trying conditions and my positive attitude bore fruit when within 6 months of being in sales in Bangalore, I was asked to coordinate the sale of spare parts, both direct as well as those through dealers, for the southern region, in the capacity of Regional Spare Parts Sale Coordinator. This I regard as my first achievement in Telcon, considering that the Parts Sale Coordinators of the other regions had an average of 3 years of experience in the organization.

During my stint, along with the incredible support and contributions of the part coordinators and the dealer part sale executives, Southern Region achieved a significant growth of 37% in parts sales in 2007-08, compared to 2006-07 ( 62 Crores) and which was also the highest among all the four regions.

During this period, along with growth of sale of regular items, there was a remarkable growth in sale of attachments (close to 100%) in our region, some of which I was directly involved with.

I played an active role in promoting and supporting of a completely new product in our region, Berco undercarriages, for which Telcon was appointed as the distributor for India. Our region boasted of maximum number of orders for this product in the whole country, which included the clinching of a big deal of 15 sets (worth 3 Crores) from PRP Granites, which won me and my team a lot of appreciation.

For my achievements, I received A grades in consecutive appraisals, and quite attractive bonus packages.

I was quite overwhelmed when I was nominated to attend the 7th Annual Dealers’ Conference of our company during April 2008, held in Cambodia. That was quite a turning point in my tenure in Telcon as I was gained a lot of acclaim, visibility and appreciation for my efforts, and I hold this whole experience very close to my heart.
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