My Problems as a New College Student

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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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My problems as a new college student
I have a few faint memories of the fear I faced my first day of kindergarten. I remember my first day of sixth grade because it was the first time I had ever been to catholic school. It took some time getting used to learning religion as a regular school subject. The following year I started junior high school and that was also filled with new problems. I had more teachers, a locker, and one of the biggest obstacles for me was the showers. Two years later it was on to high school. In high school I was unable to overcome my personal issues and unfortunately dropped out. Luckily seventeen years later I find myself enrolled in college. I really had no idea what kind of problems I had in store for me as a new college student.

The first thing I get asked by my friends is “Why now?” There are actually a few good answers to that question. The economy for one has made a huge impact. I have been unemployed for over a year now. I decided the only way to get ahead was through education. Once I graduate I can hopefully find a good job I can take pride in doing. I also would like to be a good, strong, and positive role model for my two teenagers. My children are both in high school and will be graduating soon. I want them to see that no matter what stage in life I am in I can still move forward. For every problem there is a solution. I believe the solution for being unemployed is getting an education.

Once I was physically and mentally prepared to go back to school I needed to figure out how I was going to pay for school. I had got some advice that if I was serious about getting an education I could apply for federal aid to help pay for some or all of my schooling. I was advised to talk to an advisor on campus. The advisor instructed me to go to the financial aid department and see about my eligibility for funds. I filled out the federal aid application and was promptly pre approved. I quickly enrolled and picked...
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