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Online Ordering System for Terry Ortega’s SMB (Sagmani, Moron, Binagol)

Chapter I


Modern technology struck the world by storm. It brought us easy ways to accomplish a particular arduous task. Instances of this life alleviating technology are computers and cellular phones. Computer technology serves a vital role all over the world. It provided us a lot that we are becoming more and more dependent to it. Even purchasing of goods which is usually done manually can be done with a click away with the use of a computer via the internet. As the world progresses, computers holds a tremendous significance to our society. One of the great contributions of computers to us is the E-commerce which allows you to sell products, services or business trading through internet where people are happy to follow the click and order procedure.

Online Ordering System of Terry Ortega’s SMB (Sagmani, Moron, Binagol) allows sagmani, moron and binagol ordering online. It has been adopted so that customers will have an easy and hassle free purchasing of the mentioned products. Furthermore, it will provide the business a channel for Marketing and Promotions, thus lowering their advertising costs. Orders will be received from customers in advance, allowing them to choose their preferences from a very strict range of options.

Binagol being the most popular of the three products become emerging fast in the rural and urban areas from here and there, just by hearing the word “Binagol” brings delight to every Waraynon all over the world. It is a very popular delicacy from Dagami and is widely patronized by a variety of people may they be rich or poor. Meanwhile, since taking phone orders take time and personally purchasing a particular product is so much of a hassle especially on the part of the customers. This system was conceptualized to provide convenience to interested customers and at the same time extend the products to far places.

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